wooktao (욱타오) ; [HIATUS]
Currently on hiatus because of university workloads.

Katharine. 18. Sydney, Australia. Kpop. Super Junior, EXO, DB5K. Ryeowook is my ultimate bias. Tao comes in next. Yunho is the kpop god. I have a super soft spot for Henry, Sungmin, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Suho & Changmin. I make gifs.

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Revenge is sweet - MC Ryeowook finally ranked on the charts for his vocals and beat Kyuhyun as a bonus [+ being cute and also being little shits to each other on the phone]

Congrats for 9th & 10th of the Top 10 Vocalists on Super Idol Chart Show Kyuwook! <3